Welcome to She Sup Fishes! Here you will find the encouragement and tools needed to safely, self-sufficiently, and successfully start your SUP fishing journey. You CAN do this and I WILL help!

My name is Andrea Newbern and I have been an avid angler since I was a child. I grew up freshwater fishing in rural Georgia with my family for bass, catfish, and bream. In high school, I started a flagship fishing club where classmates could compete in simple fishing contests on the weekend.

Into adulthood, I got into trophy bass fishing in south Georgia farm ponds where largemouth bass often grow to 10# plus! I also began fishing the local river and power dam where shoal bass and striped bass were often the target and prize!

In 2013, I moved to the east coast of Florida and with such a major change in scenery and landscape, I didn't do much fishing. I honestly didn't know where to begin and felt a bit disadvantaged without a boat and/or clue where to go, how to rig poles, and what bait to use for saltwater fishing.

Eventually, I began fishing on the beach with the help of my husband and remembered how much I loved fishing.   Unfortunately, I usually caught smaller fish of about 2 different species. I also enjoyed recreationally stand-up paddleboarding with my dear friend on occasion.

Always wanting to do more and finding surefire ways to get there is my specialty. So I decided to put the two together and begin stand-up paddleboard (SUP) fishing. This would eliminate many of the things that were holding me back, such as no boat, no one to take me, charters being too expensive, etc.

After many hours of research, I began putting a "rig" together, and now I SUP fish every week, solo! It's an amazing and rewarding experience and I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can gain the freedom and confidence to start your SUP fishing journey today!

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See you on the water, Andrea